#NEW #Delta Internest Safety Video – Go!

During last years #airlines have found a great way to make passenger listen to safety advice thru the showcase of original and catchy thematic #safety videos. So, all in a sudden, and without thinking much about it is like an informal (now serious!) competition for the best, fun, creative and most original safety video has been developing between them….

#AirNewZealand was like well ahead with their videos Lord of the Rings (#LOTR) themed, but now other airlines are catching up… Go Creative!

In this case, #Delta has launched a famous Internet blend video that for sure it will make you pay attention to the Safety Advice.

Have you watch it in full and now know safety measures? Mission Accomplished! 

And in case you haven’t watch it… here the “Holiday Season 2014” special:

Great Work Delta! Keep them coming and… SAFE TRIPS! 


What do you think about it?

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