#AirASIA on #Sale – 50% Off until May 24th for travelling Sept/March!

AirAsia SALE

AirAsia is known as one of the most reliable low-cost companies on Asian region.  It’s has set a several records on the #airmarket industry, originally based in Singapoure, it has extended the Air Asia group to several ASEAN countries like Thailand, Phillipines, Camboia, Indonesia, etc.

So, going straight to the point… It on #sale promotion now so, 50% Off for their Lowest Fares. Conditions are:

Booking Period: 18 May 2015 – 24 May 2015

Travel Period: 1 September 2015 – 31 March 2016

Travel Notes
– Advanced booking required.
– Fares are not available during embargo period.
– 50% off is applicable for base fares only on selected flights.
– Not valid for QZ Domestic flights.
– Subject to availability.

As the company states it:

What’s the promo all about? 50% off our lowest fares promotion means you can enjoy 50% savings on base fares on selected flights across the entire AirAsia network!

It’s that simple! Simply follow these few easy steps to enjoy the 50% off fare:

1. Pick your preferred flight departure & arrival
2. Select dates stated in promo travel period (except embargo period)
3. Choose your preferred flight
4. Enjoy 50% off your base fare! You’re done!

Sounds easy eh?! And a very good deal!! So, take advantage of this offer, booking in advance and GO TRAVEL!! 


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