#Travel #Japan with #FREE #Wifi – Check HOW!


Connectivity Addiction! You know, you have to avoid it while travelling, as is not the best to be there enjoying a new place and you there missing it hooked to the screen of your cell phone or tablet, checking -in a lot of cases- boring status posts from acquaintances and friends.

Now that you are politely warned, let’s say you may need to be connected to look for information or quick tips while you are “on the go” and usually having a #free #wifi #spot is the best option if you don’t want to have a huge phone/roaming bill in the budget of the trip when you get back home.

So, today I want to introduce a quite #new #app released back in December 2014 that will enable you as tourist to sign up for #free Wi-Fi connectivity at more than 200,000 Wi2 hotspots nationwide -and this covers many of the public areas in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc. Users who download the free “Travel Japan Wi-Fi” app on their smartphones or tablets will receive information from the “Travel Japan-Wi-Fi” consortium members. The information will include special offers for products or services, travel and tourism recommendations, product recommendations, coupons or reward points, all based on users’ whereabouts and the time of day. Yeah! #Analytics is the name of the “game”, so analytics behind will help to target the suggestions to the final user based on his location.


Under the “Travel Japan Wi-Fi” project, Wi2 plans to distribute the free app via Google® Play and the App Store(SM) started on Dec. 12 2014. Android // iOs App

The Accenture (Official News Release) and Wi2 analytics platform combines anonymized, real-time geolocation data for Wi-Fi user sessions from Wi2’s Wi-Fi access points with an advanced big data analytics technology infrastructure, provided by Accenture Analytics and incorporating OSS (Open Source Software), such as Apache™ Hadoop® V2, Apache Spark™ and Cloudera® Impala, which process large data sets and provide data-based insights in real time. More details on the “Travel Japan-Wi-Fi” project are available at http://wi2.co.jp/tjw/.

Summing up, Travel Japan WiFi (#TJW) or Mobile 4G roaming connectivity? I’d suggest to go with the first option, or both. In general, Wi-Fi services in touristic cities are getting mature in these days, so you probably will not be worried about the internet connectivity without 4G roaming/rental Wi-Fi. However, if your devices need to be online anytime (really?), or if you are visiting suburbs where hot spots might be more limited, I would rather push mobile Wi-Fi too because this can share the connectivity with several devices and of course with your family. But even in this case, I would still recommend to sign up at TJW, because many of 4G services (roaming/rental Wi-Fi both) have upper limit in packet transfer per day. So, depending on your needs, you can leverage one or the other. But for sure, you’d want to try the #free service provided by this app. Have any feedback / comments about it? Please, share with us! If not, spread the voice sharing this blogpost!


What do you think about it?

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