#Hotel #Wifi #Test – Know what to expect ahead!

You are a member of the Y-Generation, or maybe not, but you can’t stay without a good and reliable #wifi connection, it could be because you like to share each step on your #travel or because you need it for work. Whatever the reason…

Now when travelling you can check ahead of arriving how good (or bad) is the wifi network that your destination #hotel is providing thru…  Hotel WiFi Test.


In a nutshell, this #crowd-sourced portal collects the information about internet speed and network reliability provided by each #traveler on their destination hotel when connecting to this service and allows them to share info on the following ratings/values:

  • WiFi Happiness ranking answers a simple question: how happy would you be with the WiFi at a given hotel? It incorporates key quality metrics such as download and upload speed, latency, and stability along with a confidence score.
  • Expected speed indicates the speed you would likely get at a randomly chosen time of the day.
  • Maximum speed shows the bandwidth potential of the hotel. You can usually reach similar results during off-peak hours (for example, at night). Also, an impressive maximum speed indicates that WiFi is not permanently throttled.
  • Confidence value shows how thoroughly the WiFi has been tested at this hotel. The confidence value depends on several factors, including the number of speed tests taken, how recently the tests occurred, and the diversity of tests in terms of the time of day, day of the week, and point within the travel season.

The #pros is that it let’s you know if the wifi service is #paid or #free (complimentary) to the room service, something quite important nowadays, considering the excessive daily charge some hotels could bill you for the internet service.

Sort by Wifi HappinessYou can sort the hotels at the city by the Wifi Happiness rating,or the Wifi Speed value -but also have the option to sort by Traveler ratings, price or star rating – based on #tripadvisor info and directly shows you links to hotels portals (like Expedia, hotels.com, etc) where you can book you hotel room for the desired date.

The #Cons would be that as the community isn’t really huge so far, the information available is not all that big that one would expect from a site like this, but looks like it’s input base of travelers is growing fast – and – as much we spread the voice of it, it would keep adding travelers input to the mix.

So, if you are travelling, be sure to connect to this site, check your speed and share its information with the global community of travelers. So, is this another item to add to your #pre-trip #planning agenda when looking for the best hotel? Or just a totally secondary characteristic with not much relevance after good location and price? Well, if you are a #millennial, you will probably like to have the best wifi and for #free!


What do you think about it?

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