New #AirFrance Campaing: “France is in the Air” – Fresh approach or Cliche & Elitist?

Today, Air France has launched a new commercial campaign “France is in the air” with a full refresh of its web page and a modern and artistic approach where no airplane is shown. The music theme evokes the famous and colorful “Love is in the Air” sung by John Paul Young back in 1978 who reach a music hit worldwide, but with the main title as “FRANCE is in the air”.

Everything is a metaphor of the charm of french culture and “bon vivant” life style. If you exclude the “airplane windows” you may think this is a #french perfume ad with flowers and cute ladies having a good time. A scene evokes the world famoAF_WALLPAPER_MEXICO_FRus cycling “Tour de #France” with the ladies cycling on hammocks hanging from the air. It also shows a fashion runway -with the model and photographers- an iconic of french cradle of fashion trends.  A quick scene on french patisserie with ladies enjoying macaroons and finally a group of ballet girls  Then, is it a french cliché and somehow elitist approach? Or is a real characterization of french culture in 45 seconds?  The controversy has already started on #youtube comments…

How was it made? The #backstage is also shared and will help you understand the quick main video:

AF_WALLPAPER_MONTREAL_FRThe webpage is modern and “live”, with a lot of carousel movements that make it high design but a bit confusing for navigation. Anyway, one really cool touch they share are the different #wallpapers themed according to the most common destination of Air France: Mexico, Maurice Island, Montreal, London, San Francisco, Dubai, etc… Really good artwork available to download and enjoy on your laptop.

Alors, voulez vous voyager avec Air France? // So, are you gonna travel with Air France? 


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