#Sakura at #Japan – The Magic Season thru Cherry Blossom Forecaster.

The dreamed season to visit #Japan, although is a very high season, is during the famous #Sakura (Cherry Blossom) period, where the trees flourish and the cities and streets are like white / pink covered, not with snow, but with the beautiful color of natural flowers from the trees. If you look at any japanese postal you will find for sure a picture of this magnificent time of the year where japanese people are extremely happy.  cherry_blossoms_japan_2-t2

The Japanese National Tourism Organization has release a great tool for planning your “once in a life time experience” trip to Japan during the magical time of #spring that would allow you to enjoy the world famous #Sakura season. From late March to Mid April and sometimes even early May you can enjoy this memorable time all around the country with Japanese exactitude thanks to the Sakura Forecaster.  Following this tool, you can have the average date for first blossom in a lot of main japanese cities with detailed information on them (in #english and also other languages) that would help you to plan the right place and moment to be, as it also suggest when the Cherry Blossom is at its full bloom -the most expected moment of the season. So now, you have it a bit easier on your planning. What are you waiting for? Go East! Go to Japan!

Remember, Golden Week (ゴールデンウィーク Gōruden Wīku – a.k.a GW) at end of April – first week of May is Japan highest touristic time -mainly due to most japanese taking days off during the long holidays period- so it’s the week of the year you would like to avoid if you don’t like crowded places and paying expensive rates for travel and hotels. Anyway, if you’d like to experience the spring time and the awesome #cherry #blossom you will need to go exactly on those weeks forecasted by this great tool that now will help you to plan with japanese distinctness detail.


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