San Francisco – Night Parking Life Saver – #Top Secret Tip

 You may have rented a car to do the West Coast “circle”: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Los Angeles, which is a great plan for a trip!


But these cities are of a different kind. This is, some cities are more “car” friendly than others… For Los Angeles you need a car to move around, as distances are huge and everything is set for cars, in Las Vegas you can handle without it most of the time if you are focusing mainly on The Strip, but then again you would need it to cover #Yosemite big distances, while back to the city in San Francisco is mostly useless as it has a very good (and cheaper) public transport system and a very expensive parking offer -maybe cause of the green attitude of its people?

Based on that, in some places you have the parking covered by the hotel more easily ( #LAX ) or at more reasonable price than others ( #San-Francisco ) -where you can expend as much as half of hotel room rates just on night parking- and you have to remove it before 8 am in most cases… So, when planning this trip consider Parking planning as a must as you plan your hotel stay. Then, if everything fails…

TOP SECRET TIP: This shouldn’t be your first option, but a life saver if you are running out of time in a new city and don’t want to pay as much to park your car as you pay for your hotel, try the San Francisco General Hospital (2500 24th Street) garage. You can check its page at Parkopedia to find out updated prices and timetables.


  • Open 24 hoursSF General Hospital
  • Closed Garage
  • Nice neighborhood
  • You can leave it up to 48 hrs
  • Credit Cards accepted.
  • Very affordable for 24 hrs parking.
  • 15 / 20 min to downtown by bus.
  • 1/3 Price of standard city (downtown) rates.
  • Don’t have to remove your car at inconvenient early hours (7 am / 8 am)


  • You have to take a bus to go downtown or wherever you are staying.
  • You don’t have your car handy -but quite sure you wouldn’t need it in SF.SF Bus to Downtown

So, if you are on a #budget #travel, as said, don’t take this as a first optiondo your pre-trip research on sites like Parkopedia or using app, but if you are there in a hurry, you can give a it a try and I’m quite sure it would save you a lot of money.

easter.eggs_smallEaster Egg: Check my Mexico Pre-Trip Homework post to link with this quick insight: San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center is proud to house paintings by two famous artists, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Rivera’s “La Tortillera”, painted in 1926, and Kahlo’s 1931 “Portrait of Dr. Leo Eloesser”, were both given to the University of California San Francisco for display at the SFGH. – 


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