Approaching the best time to travel to #JAPAN? Probably… YES!


Against the myth about #Japan being an expensive destination for #travel that has made this lovely country a “forbidden” place in the mental pockets of world travelers, the so called #Abenomics that have been depreciating the #yen vs other currencies is having the direct impact on lowering the local prices for foreigners.

Moreover, petroleum prices have continued their fall from last December, and around the start of 2015 had fallen below $50 on the New York futures market, enabling international carriers to reduce the special fuel surcharges levied on their routes, specially those with “long” distances to cover.

Specifically, the new surcharge rates applied by All Nippon Airways (#ANA), which were revised last Dec 17 and will take effect from Feb 1, have been lowered, respectively to 14,000 yen and 7,000 yen, for respective one-way destinations in #North-America and #Europe, the Middle East and #Oceania. Considering that the previous surcharge (set for six months from April 1, 2014) was 25,000 yen, this represents a considerable drop of 78%!! 

It’s a fact that is not clear if this #oil prices would remain in time, but if this trend continues, the surcharge may very well drop to zero, the lowest figures since a short-lived period from July to September 2009.

Japan Airlines (#JAL) also announced a similar reduction in fuel surcharges on the 9th of this month.

japan_shinkazen#Fuel surcharges are determined by the average prices for #aviation fuel on the Singapore market over a previous fixed period. Over the two months from Oct-Nov 2014, this was $99.07. According to a report by Reuters dated Dec 5, 2014, if the average price per barrel was to fall to less than $60, the surcharge would become zero!!.

Who Benefits? Well, consumers ALL. But, specifically, those neighbors (e.g. Chinese) that with both the value of the yen and fuel surcharges declining, would likely increase flying to Japan for shopping tours. According to the government #tourist bureau #statistics released on Dec 17, 2.22 million Chinese visited Japan over the first months of 2014, a year-on-year increase of 80%. And more visitors are expected this year 2015, after closing a 2014 with records on foreigners visitors to the country.

But it also raises the possibility of more Japanese traveling abroad during the coming Golden Week vacation period (April 29~May 5) – the highest holidays season for Japanese people. However, the weakness of the #yen has a contrary effect on the positive reduction of cost on air tickets, then overseas travel by Japanese people would probably reflect a drop as it did happen during last year-end and new years season, which ran from Dec 19 to Jan 4, when 69,700 travelers, reflected a 17.8% drop from the same period a year before. So, not all good news for them. :=!

Are we in front of the best time to travel #Japan? Maybe not the best, but certainly a very close one. So, don’t think twice and start planning your trip there… I can assure you will not regret!

Source: Based Japan Today #news.


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