#Dakar 2015 – Just started in #BuenosAires, #Argentina.

As a #newyear starts, the awaited world most important #rally event is Ready to GO!! After four years starting in different cities in Argentina and Chile, now the START line is back at Buenos Aires, Capital City of Argentina.

Dakar 2015 - Map

Dakar 2015 – Map

This year route will include #Argentina, #Chile and #Bolivia, with the most part of it at Argentina and total route distance of more than 9,000 kmts for motorcyles /quads and car races while more than 8,000 kmts for trucks.

Some of the stops are already important touristic attractions, so it would be good to review some of them on this post:

Villa Carlos Paz in Cordoba, the argentine “rally” province by excellence, which usually holds WRC–  is the first stop. This city which has lake and mountains is one of the main touristic spots for argentines during summer.

San Juan, capital city for San Juan province, it’s not on the mainstream of touristic tradition as it’s main economic activity could be found in mining. Anyway, the famous Moon Valley (a.k.a. Ischigualasto National Park) is located at north east of the province and has a spectacular atmosphere for the #Dakar race. It will actually cross the national park.

Iquique (Chile), has a very important port  (duty free commercial port) and is one of the beach spots on the pacific for a lot of people from the north during summer season. It’s well know for being somehow windy but having a great sea cuisine.

Uyuni (Bolivia), (a.k.a Salar de Tunupa) being the largest salt flat in the world, it’s a magnificent place for the motorcycles to Hexagons, Salar de Uyuni, Boliviarun across. Salar de Uyuni is estimated to contain 10 billion tons of salt, of which less than 25,000 tons is extracted annually.

Salta, it’s the most famous spot at the NOA (NorOesteArgentino // NorthWestArgentine) due to its #wine route over the mountains (#cafayate) and as point of entry to #jujuy touristic spots like Unesco World Heritage Quebrada de #humahuaca, #tilcara town and Gran Salar (great salt flat).

Termas de Rio Hondo, this is a small town at 70 kmts from biggest city in the north: Tucumán, but belonging to another province: Santiago del Estero. It’s main attraction has been for decades the natural water hot springs that are good for high blood pressure and rheumatism, but now, it will hold another world sport event, Moto GP on April 19th this year and has a brand new international airport that will help to support all the logistics for the race.

National Flag Memorial Rosario, home town of world’s most talented (and famous) soccer player Leonel #Messi, this is the 3rd biggest Argentine city by population and has historical importance as main port for the Pampas crops, with a strong european population from government plan to set immigration settlements in s. XIX, is a cosmopolitan city with a beautiful river front and National Flag Memorial.

Have you been in any of these places? What have you liked the most about them?

Check more about this amazing #adventure on their #Dakar route official page.



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