Messi / Drogba, travelling around the world to enjoy #epicfood!

You like #travel, you like #food, you like #football (aka #soccer), then you’ll probably like this #new #commercial from Turkish Airlines – who would say it’s the 4th world carrier by number of destinations? I didn’t know that.

Anyway, the good mood they have in this quite dynamic commercial makes it totally enjoyable. #Messi has that #celebrity charm that makes most of his commercials fun and, in this case, he is not taking advantage of his perfect skills with the ball.Messi-Drogba

Besides I have never flown on Turkish, they provide a very professional and high quality #brand #image on its commercials, which may attract new clients from more traditional / old European hub carriers that have been merging (e.g. Iberia/British, KLM/Air France, etc) during last years to keep profitable operations.

Do you like this commercial? Why? If not, what is your favorite #airline #commercial?




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